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"How do you want to be: safe or free?"
"Why can't I be both?"
"A bird can't fly and breath underwater, too." The look on the boy's face was very much unconvinced by the metaphor. He backtracked. Smiled from the corner of his lips. "Your society made it so you couldn't have one without giving up the other."
A few seconds of thought, the boy's face serene, but the man could see the cogs turning behind those deep hazel eyes. 
"I still don't want to choose," the boy pronounced the words carefully, as if he wasn't entirely sure if those were his words or another's.
The man huffed and looked up at the starry sky. 
"One day you will have to."

A\N  I found this little conversation in my Writerbox. I still don't know what I wanted to do with it or where do I want to go, but I'm confident that one day I'll know. Today is not that day, heh. It can be an original idea or a fanfic one :) Until I decide which one, I'll post it here to know where to find it :)


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