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A\N Another 2 short poems, spurned from words I liked how they sounded, didn't quite know their meaning, tried to explain it using poetry.


beyond garments,
shapes, and
narrow cobblestone streets,
curly filaments of histories
lie about
in bright blue tears.


let's dance in colours
and geometric forms.
let's blow the picturesque,
flesh out the intangible.
let it in.
swallow the sunset
in deep orange-yellow
gulps, before the moon
sets the world ablaze in
pearly-white coldness.
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A\N Apparently, I have a poetic vein in my body -- still pulsing. 


there's violence 
in your heart
that shatters hope 
in fragments,
and mundane.


you break down
on a dislocated knee,
teemed with gargled noise
like a gargoyle with fish
behind its ears
and Harpies screeching
from old wounds.


scratch, exhale,
inhale, whimper,
noteworthy of your
a hagiography of nonsense
blessed by the morning's dew.


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