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 Ay! Been... a couple of years since I last posted here? Or maybe just a year. Doesn't matter.
I shall be coming to DK in July and will be living there until 1 October. How bloody awesome is that?! XD
lysanatt will help me cushion 'the fall' and introduce me to the Danish culture. And it will be the first time that I will be meeting face-to-face with a fan (SPN fan and Death\Dean, Crowbar, Samifer, Sabrifer and Debriel shipper! Ay! I really need some D\D or Crowbar love in light of recent events), and I am so damn excited to meet Lys! And other fans! :3

Clock is ticking, mates! XD


Jan. 20th, 2016 11:18 pm
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 A\N This one deserves its own post. Again, the poem was born from the word, which gives it the title (I didn't quite manage to explain the word in the poem, though). 



      and me,

fricatives die on your tongue,
                   explode in your throat,
particles of unintended hatred
                   dissolve in doldrums:
forbearance does not look good on you.

        and me.

it's easy, it's obvious, you know it,
                     yet you still fight me,
with shams and brotherly love, exposed,
                     "Brother, don't make me do this," 
I whisper, tremulous, weakly; he doesn't listen.




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